Christopher J. Keller, the guru

Your "IT guy" for IT support - Fluent in Mac, Windows/PC, network set-up & security, database development, email synchronization, backup systems, hardware and software troubleshooting, and IOT (the Internet of Things), for businesses large and small. Knows people who know things. When not fixing computers, he's usually out cycling around Pasadena.

Meet Joanne.

If you talked to someone on the phone or gotten an email response from us, it is Joanne working behind the scene. In a previous life, she was a cross-platform Instructional Designer for online courses. Now our talented Office Manager, she will guide you to get the correct help from our team, keep you informed of times and coordinate work. Joanne handles our billing and can answer all your scheduling and payment questions. She is also a talented flautist who can be found both on stage and "streaming everywhere".

Here's Mona.

She is our Windows certified tech along with networking skills. Well versed in MS Office, email, hardware troubleshooting, etc., she is willing to go to Italy, France or other places in Europe to assist you.

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