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Protect your iPhone Passcode by Using Face ID or Touch ID

Although the chances of you falling prey to one of these attacks is vanishingly low, particularly if you don’t frequent urban bars or areas that suffer from snatch-and-run thefts, the consequences of a passcode theft are so severe that it’s worth taking steps to deter the malicious use of your passcode.

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Database vs Spreadsheet: Which is best?

There is a common misconception that data tables (i.e. databases) and Excel spreadsheets work the same way, and are interchangeable. That is simply not true! Read on to find out why...

How to catch a phish

We get them all the time – suspicious emails, texts and voicemails – Do you know how to detect a phish without being caught? 

End of Year Organization

Take this opportunity to “sharpen the saw” i.e. Take time to renew and refresh your outlook. Your business and your mental stress will thank you.

Location Tracking

Did you know your devices (phones and tablets) are tracking your location and (most of the time) you have full control of it?